About Us

ad hoc (adjective)
: formed or used for a special purpose
: made or done without planning because of an immediate need

Whether you are searching for the perfect mirror or just looking to freshen up your space Ad Hoc Home has what you need. We aim to provide beautiful handcrafted items for your home.

The inventory at Ad Hoc Home is ever changing based on what we are loving now… Come see us to find furniture made by local artisans or vintage and one of a kind pieces. Our walls are filled with beautiful art on loan from some of the most talented local artists. We are always changing our windows and floors hoping to inspire you every time you walk through our door. Come visit ad hoc home to find something you love either for a special purpose or done without planning… We promise to have something special for your home.


Services & Capabilities

Home Furnishings

From Vintage furniture to new custom pieces Ad Hoc Home has access to any furniture need you might have. If you don’t see it just ask as we can get it from one of our many sources. In addition to new pieces we love breathing new life into something old and special. Please ask if you have an old piece that might need some new life.

Local Artists' Work

Mass produced furniture has a place in design and trust me we use it. But we also believe in good design and local artisans which is reflected in our inventory. We currently have pieces from Aaron-Bladon, Modern Industry, Chapter, Three Siblings Design and Chicago Salvage Works to name a few. The furniture and accessories made by these crafts-people reflects a quality of design and originality often lost in today’s world of mass production. Come hear their stories and see their views through the pieces they’ve created.

Interior Design

When looking for a more planned approach to your interiors please inquire about our interior design services. We offer a wide range of services from color mapping to full project management based on your needs. We aim to take away the stress that many people feel when faced with the wide range of options and choices in todays marketplace. We can help take your vision and translate it into a finished product that you will feel proud to call your own.

Meet Our Team

Jennifer MartellJennifer Martell opened her namesake firm in 2003 and is best known for her well-edited interiors that combine modern and traditional elements. Jenny studied at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and later received her interior design degree from Harrington Institute of Interior Design in Chicago, IL. She is a lifelong resident of Evanston and has a wonderful client base in and around the Midwest. Her design Philosophy is rooted in comfortable, classic interiors that feel
timeless but up to date.

E: martellinteriors@gmail.com
T: 847-475-4600

Becky CochranBecky Cochran, former Third grade & Kindergarten teacher, joined sister Jenny Martell at Martell Interiors. Becky studied at and graduated from Marquette University in 2004 earning her degree in Elementary Education and Communication Studies. She then went on to earn her Masters in Reading, becoming a Reading Specialist. Becky transitioned into the field of interior design in the summer of 2012.



E: martellinteriors@gmail.com
T: 847-475-4600                                                                                                         



Marissa Elliott joined Martell Interiors the summer of 2018.  After earning her degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Marissa worked in Human Resources and later became a preschool teacher, earning a Masters degree in both Teaching and in Human Resources-Industrial Relations along the way.  She has enjoyed this transition into the field of interior design.   

E: martellinteriorsmarissa@gmail.com